Changing my life for the better…

A lot has happened in these last few weeks and I’ve made some changes on both my way of thinking and my life. I’ve been reading a self-help book about depression which is mainly focused on ways of thinking, positivity and kindness. I was of course quite sceptical on how a book could make you feel better and help to change your life but I personally have found it so helpful. For those of you who would like to take a look at it, it’s called “Overcoming Depression: A self help guide” and it’s by Paul Gilbert. I feel I have a lot of anger in certain situations, I can be quite stubborn and I find it hard to forgive and let things go. I’ve also realised how hard I can be on myself and the way I devalue myself when I should know that I deserve a lot better than what I settle for. I’ve stopped posting pictures that could make people have a certain perspective of me, I’ve let go of anger I had towards someone and decided to talk to them and make the peace, I’ve tried a yoga class, I’m thinking of starting meditation, I’ve been working out at the gym more, I’ve enquired about counselling for if/when I need it and most importantly, I’ve moved out of home into a new flat where I’m going to live in a more positive and peaceful environment. I’ve also learned to take one day at a time, be thankful for everything – even the little things.

Moving out of home is such a massive step for me, it’s the first time I’ll be living away from my parents and being completely independent living on my own. I’m so blessed to have got such a good deal on this beautiful place in which I’ll be renting for the next year, and hopefully more years after!

Positive vibes only.





7 thoughts on “Changing my life for the better…

  1. celtics345 says:

    I am happy to hear about your progress. I think it’s good to move out. I can relate to you as I am hard on myself. I have anger when I am having an episode and sometimes afterwards. Once I let it out I feel better. I am working on moving out too but I got to get my meds adjusted so I can sleep so then I can get a job.

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