Vital signs that he’s not right for you!

Dating is such a key part of life and in your life you’ll probably end up dating a variety of guys – some lovely but most likely a lot of awful ones!!

As a girl, it’s very easy for us to get feelings for a guy and end up being blinded from seeing what we should and shouldn’t accept from someone we’re dating. I think when you become used to seeing someone you learn to accept things and see past them when really we need to remember to never settle for less!

Firstly, if you’re dating someone for a while or at the relationship stage and he doesn’t introduce you to any of his friends or family then this should set off a warning alarm. Some people are private people and don’t like to be too public but he should be proud of you and want to introduce you to the important people in his life! If he doesn’t then you really need to start questioning how serious he is about you, does he really want you to be a part of his life or is he quite happy keeping you completely separate from normality?

Secondly, is he taking you out regularly? Or, do you find yourself mostly spending the day at his house “watching a film” and then going home. If the answer to this is yes then you should definitely be concerned. As much fun as staying in and spending time together at home is, exploring new places, going out for dinner and generally just doing things together is so essential in any relationship. By this point you may just be glad to spend time with him, any time is good time right? In reality, getting used to just going round his house and that being it is just leading to a relationship/dating of sex and nothing else or a slowly fizzled out relationship!

Valentine’s Day/Birthdays/Christmas, did he make an effort? Did he take you somewhere nice or get you a nice thoughtful gift or a card? Money isn’t everything and it’s definitely the thought that counts but even from someone who isn’t extremely affectionate, it’s important that they make an effort for these occasions and ensure that you’re happy and feeling special.

Another pointer, if you’ve been dating/seeing someone and he tells you he doesn’t want a relationship then believe him, he doesn’t want a relationship. In our minds we always think we can persuade a guy, the fairytale belief that he’ll suddenly change his mind, realise how cool we are and end up wanting to be with us officially. Maybe we might even believe that he’s afraid of relationships, maybe he’s had bad experiences and we can somehow “fix” him. Perhaps this is the case in very very rare cases but the real truth is if he tells you he doesn’t want a relationship, then he really doesn’t and seeing/dating him isn’t going to go anywhere. In most cases it’ll end up with him moving on either with someone else or just to be alone and you will end up hurt.

You have to ask yourself, why are you wasting your time if you know it’s not going to go anywhere and will most likely just end badly? Yes, it’s nice to feel loved, to get that attention but in the long run the pain you feel when it ends, is it really worth it? Promise me ladies, just don’t settle for less than you deserve. If he isn’t treating you like a queen then it’s not good enough! Be open and honest and tell him how you feel and if he doesn’t shower you with love and affection like every one deserves then run!

Whilst wasting time on Mr Wrong, you’re missing out on finding Mr Right.


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