I let someone take my heart and stamp all over it again…

…not sure when I’m going to learn and I should have seen it coming but something about me makes me keep going back to situations and people that I should have left when I had the warning. Going back to my previous blog post about holding on to what makes you happy short term even if it’s going to end up badly and you’re going to get hurt, that’s me, right now. Yet what I’d do to go back and be able to have that happiness with them again, to disguise the real issues that are going on with me.

Please come back and say you’ve made a mistake. Please?


I’ll do some proper blog posts soon, I’m just having a hard time lately and can’t think of what to post about. I didn’t really want to post these one either but I thought I would in case you thought I’d abandoned my blog!

I’ll be posting something more entertaining soon so keep your eyes peeled xx


4 thoughts on “I let someone take my heart and stamp all over it again…

  1. wlloydjr says:

    It’s good that you dropped in. Sometimes blogs can be discouraging for people or intimidating because either they’re not getting feedback from too many people. I remember when I started I wanted to see what people thought of my posts and if I was connecting to them. I’d see a like but no feedback, and I think for me that was just as worse as not getting any attention at all. Now, I just let it roll off my shoulders because eventually a post will have meaning to people. It was funny when I started having friends on facebook saying they were going to read my blog later without me even promoting it.
    I will say though, finding ideas are very tough. Especially when almost every blogger has hit the subject already. I’d say just write what comes from the heart whether it’s things that make you happy, sad, or angry. Sometimes I’ll post things that happen during the day that at the time I don’t think have any significant meaning to them until I start writing it down and then an idea magically appears.
    Good luck with your writing and I hope you are doing well! By the way, don’t let anyone bring you down. You are a strong and beautiful woman. Anyone that treats you otherwise is not worth the pain. Keep pushing and “Don’t let it win”

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  2. cyndalmccarthy2113 says:

    I’m so sorry someone broke your heart. I hope you feel better, lady.

    Sometimes we need to lose certain people to really focus with what’s going on with us inside. Perhaps this happened for a reason. When I was in college, my ex broke up with me, so I sought comfort from another ex who then left to the other side of the country without saying goodbye. To have my heart crushed by two guys I cared so much about, I lost two best friends in the process… I felt ruined.

    Eventually I found someone who seriously loves the hell out of me and it was so very much worth the wait and lessons on the way to meeting him. I hope someone like that comes along for you too… not someone who will take you for granted and leave you sad. Best wishes!

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    • sarahh0x says:

      Thank you, this means a lot, I also feel like I’ve lost a really good friend as well. I’m so glad you’ve found someone who loves the hell out of you and I hope I find that too. Thank you again for this message x

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