How I know I wasn’t made for high heels…

I absolutely love the look of heels, they’re gorgeous, they compliment outfits well and they make legs look as long and sexy as possible BUT I can’t help but think me and wearing heels were just not meant to be…

So, you’re off on a night out and you get into the cab feeling good and loving your outfit choice, then the struggles begin:

First of all, the struggle of the walk from the cab to the club or bar, add some alcohol and things suddenly get a lot harder!

The concentration you need to make sure you don’t fall over when walking in heels, particularly on stairs or the dreaded cobbled flooring..

High heels stair climbing fail

The struggle of hitting the dance floor and trying to not let the heels hold you back from dancing like crazy all night long…

Rachelle and Monica dancing

Or perhaps you’re out on a date in heels and they decide it’d be a lovely idea to take a nice long romantic stroll… oh wonderful!

Maybe you were smart and decided to pack some flats in your handbag but were faced with being forced to carry around a seriously large packed handbag all evening

But for those of you without the flat shoes to save your feet, you’re really starting to feel the burn…

And you find yourself walking around doing a fantastic Bambi impression…

By this time you’ve had enough! It’s time to accept the fact you just weren’t meant for heels and it’s time to let your feet free…

And when you do… nothing feels better!


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