With Pain Comes Strength.

The title of my blog is probably one of my favourite quotes of all time “with pain comes strength”, because I know for a fact that it’s true. Now without making you feel the need to get out the violins, I have experienced different types of pain in my life (as of course most people have) both mental and physical. I want to share my experiences, my feelings, my lessons and mistakes and hope that somehow you’ll be able to relate and maybe they’ll even help you from having to go through the same.

Now this blog isn’t going to be all doom and gloom, yes I am going to discuss some serious issues and experiences from anxiety and depression to bullying, heartbreak and eating disorders but I’m also going to discuss every day life things, relationships, dating, marriage, periods, feminism, sex and various other topics.

I’ve always believed in saying things how they are and giving my honest opinion (meanwhile trying desperately hard not to offend anyone!) I am quite open about discussing different topics and for me I’ve found this is both a blessing and a curse. But, what it means for you guys is all the things I post are genuinely my honest opinion and feelings and I don’t intend to hold back! 😉


15 thoughts on “With Pain Comes Strength.

  1. wlloydjr says:

    Definitely.a reason to blog. I remember starting my blog last year. It was about my dark places in my head while I struggled financially and with different relationships. Now I read back to those posts and don’t remember who that person is anymore. Can’t wait to dig into your new posts. Keep your chin up. We’re all here to read and write. Good luck with your blog!

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  2. celtics345 says:

    Hey how are you? I would like to get your thoughts on a recent situation where I had to move on from a friendship after 9 months. my friend Ashley and I were good online friends for a long time but she just started to be controlling and seem to get jealous. She asked me if I was in love with Rita a girl I write a ton of short stories about. I told her no yet she didn’t accept my answer and proceeded to tell me how I feel saying it seems I actually am in love with her from reading the stories. I told her I love Rita as a friend and have for over 20 years. There are different kinds of love. I just don’t like people telling me how I feel and I told you Ashley and I were online friends for almost a year she read tons of Rita stories before and I talked about Rita a lot and I think she understood it was a friendship love of over 20 years or clearly a love that didn’t involve romantic feelings. I just felt I had to move on the red flags were there and i got enough I am dealing with. A friend brings you up not down. Her jealousy and controlling personality finally came out better now than longer down the road. I don’t understand what went wrong but I am glad I am moving on to make plenty more friends that are going to be a positive influence in my life.

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